October 17, 2008


++++++++++All things inspirational. T6 doing it their way...diving into the shallow pool head first,blood ripping with the passion and excitement of a newborn, learning and growing and loving it all the way.  Making a difference from the inside out. Lalonde on a mission. Never resting, a constant pedal to the metal. Creative fire burning and the legs raging. A lesson in living life as each day is the last.  And brother Joe, for pushing through life's curveballs, staring the future in the face and never throwing in the towel.  The pursuit of faster, harder, stronger, and better..all with a style that none if it really matters if you ain't having fun.  Fast and furious, these guys are the driving force of learning the left side of the crowded road at 5am Down Under, breathing deeply as life's miracle is around the bend, and gaining knowledge and confidence that doing it my way is the way. Congrats boys...and thanks for the pull.