March 7, 2009

Pocket Wizard Tech

I just got an email from my editor Ed Blomfield over at the UK based mag
letting me know that they've run a shot of mine for their Spring Issue cover...a pipe shot of Kazu Kokubo from NZ. Here it is:

Yeah, looks nice and clean, and gotta love the pink.

Anyways, shots like this, and many others that end up filling the pages of mags like Whitelines, TWS get me excited about a new product that I'm receiving today from PocketWizard , the new MiniTT1 and the FlexTT5. Check it. New feature is called HyperSync and it allows faster flash syncing without cutting power at all.

Hopefully this will make shots like this one a bit allowing a faster shutter speed sync, hopefully the motion and ghosting will be minimized. Yeah, we've been able to do this by cheating a faster shutter speed (1/320th, 1/400th) and dealing with the clipping on the unimportant part of the frame, but hopefully this legit system will be a bit cleaner.