June 20, 2009

Got Milk

The pavement was familiar due to the snowy day stomping grounds from back in the day, but it didn't take the edge off of the 44miler that we rolled into early on Thursday morning...day one of the Tour that Mike and I thought would be a nice prelude to Saturday's dirt bike rally.

A third of the way into the first of two laps on the proposed 2016 Olympic course Pinnacle road and it's sharp little climb splintered the field to pieces while the continuing rollers took our lead group to 10, then five. Through the feed station the UW masher lifted the pace and went off the of front....a gap worth closing so a quick acceleration joined me to his wheel and a look under my shoulder confirmed this was our chance to go.

Lap two was just the two of us...working, talking, riding...hitting it hard to stay away from any chasers, but soft enough to enjoy the amazing landscape that makes Wisco so epic. Around and up again and as the road tipped to the sky, the days of pushing up to Skyline back in Portland paid off as nothing separated the SV from the tape...three for three on the road..time for a bump perhaps?

Actually...time for alot of bumps...simply time for the dirt....there will be plenty to chase out there....864 is ready....