November 17, 2009


World Class racing right in the backyard...add text book conditions, the series overall winner separated by mere points, the best photography in the biz, waffles, beers, a cheering family, a first timer mate from Oz on a borrowed Surly from a legendary shop...BAM..PERFECT DAY.

Blow by blow here, and the paperwork here. Do yourself the favor and look at the photos...they are moving. Well done gentlemen. The inspirations go on and on....Sacha White nailing it in the SS's in denim, the above mentioned Aussie getting his first taste of CX mud, my family around all day and cheering all over the course, Ryan from Veloshop's incredible shoutouts to keep 'em turning...epic. And Steven Hunter...legendary speedster...amazing pulls today...bravo. Great racing bro. The pain, the hardship, the definately keeps ya coming back for more...gotta love this sport. Epic.