December 17, 2009

Winter. Day 1.

Blog-tech for 2010...starts now.

I knew I was in Colorado when my supersized rental car had it's satellite radio pretuned to the Grateful Dead station.

Quick overnight in Boulder and hit the two hour jaunt up I-70 (radio Colorado continued...two Dave Matthew's Band, a Big Head get the idea..) and settled in Summit County. Felt like I never left. Bumped into Todd Franzen and Ron to see old and classic CO faces.

The Copper pipe is a short walk from the parking lot. Nice to settle in with that dull, monotone hum, or rather the buzz, of the freeway nestled right there.

Just watching the tricks that were getting thrown down in the two hours I was pipe-side was inspiring.
Izzo and Vito were the first I saw...Wow, Louie Vito fresh from his dirty dancing on the screen of millions and I almost asked for an autograph. Yeah, Vancouver seems like a cakewalk in comparison, he mumbled. Or something like that. I think SW is perhaps the only kink in his plans. Next level shredding is the word on the street for these two guys.

And then there was Bud. You know, Bud, Bud Keene. And this time, HE wasted no time getting into it..I could only listen as my jaw dropped with his up to the minute account of yesterday's 'snowboarder in lift line be nice to the falling skier' story where apparently he went to help a woman and in the process ended up snapping his bicep! Can you do that? Bust your muscle?

The photog's are all here...or have been here....bags, flashes, digicards galore....
Cole brought it all, sans heli. Maybe that's tomorrow. Nike budget's love heli's. He's killing it though, and I love that kid.

These guys were from the New York Times, I think. I could be wrong. Teeter was all scarfed up and doing something special for some out of town NY'ers...hope they nailed it. You get the shot? I think so. You? Yeah, I think so. Yeah, we got it. I think it went something like that. I bet they blew it. New York won't know the difference anyways.

Ok, now back to the snowboarding. Pearce was here ripping, I think Cole got a few goods ones, i was too busy dusting off my busted MarkIII from the Grilo incident in NZ recently, but that's another story. Kevin goes huge and I really think it has to do with all of the carbon on his setup. I love carbon, it reminds me of my other life. I love the C60's...I ride them too, just like KP. I can't go big like him, but my setup is light and stiff, like Lance's Madone. Carbon is hot. You should try these bindings...upgrade your plastic to the won't be sorry.

It doesn't stop there. Pearce really knows what is up. I guess it's Jake who know what's up, and Paul. Paul Smith that is. If you like bikes, pushbikes, then you're gonna love's all there for the making....the office, the library, Cav, the move, and the soundtrack, I'll take this tune for my life please. I bet he popped a trackstand in front of the taxis in London on his way to work. Damn, when I grow up....

BAM...the Paul Smith Vapor. Isn't Christmas coming up soon? One for me please.

Look closely at this shot below. Yep, click it, make it bigger. Check that shit out!...........
Kazu matched his mouthguard to his RED helmet. Damn! The kid loves his green. And then he went into a nice little story telling me that he recently got married over in Japan...ahh life.
And then here comes Davis again with some nice 'kaws-esque' graphic work he tagged up his AG pants with....perfectly and sloppily matching his Easy Livin' that's something Hunter S. would love. Look for Danny's doodling in some new AG designs soon (just kidding, I made that up.)

After a few ultra-spinny and bangin' runs, Davis pulled out a good one. He might have shared this beauty with Cole, just for being a bud.

Sales pitch number two, or was it three? My board, did I mention what I'm riding this week? Damn, just the sickest board ever that's gotta check it, well, I gotta ride it first, but i know it's gonna be PRO. Hell, it's got Titanium edges for God's sake...I think it'll rival my favorite Burton product of all time.

Day 1, Winter 2010 ( I mean 2009)...done. Action shots=0. Egg. Nothing. But at least this blog is going, and at least it's Winter!