March 30, 2010


We missed the buffet. The sushi, on Sunday night, at Wiegele's. Won't do that again. Ended up with Poutine in Clearwater...don't do it. Damn. It's been a busy few weeks, let me back up.

Did a Burton's Women shoot down in Big Bear Lake, California. Bear Mt staff is hands down best in the biz . Thanks guys. I like that place, especially since it's a mountaintop finish on a stage of this year's Tour of California...might have to go down and check it.

Park to the wild...Cali to AK...whew. Hooked up with a Standard Film's crew in Haines for a week. Short window but Kazu got it done. You saw him in the Olympic's right? Style.

Here's Sammy...he was in my group too...he shreds for O.

Travis Robb...making magic happen on the down days...nicely done.

Here's a nice portrait of Kazu after one of our 3 runs of the trip...snow was decent, hey?

And then back to the piste. VT. State of Hate as EK used to call it. Well, you know what, it was an epic weekend Back East...warm, sunny, happy people on bikes everywhere...a perfect one for The Open.

Charles Reid killed the Black and Night Rail Jam....

And Kazu and I killed the pipe! That kid is talented...pow to pipe...winning all the way. This was my first day shooting with my new Mark IV...this coulda been on the first roll of film (miss that stuff)..BAM..COVER! I got lucky.

Then straight from Rut-Vegas to Kamloops via Jake's ticket to ride..I got the window seat, or was it an aisle? Here's a Tarantino moment from our arrival--
Jake brought his son Taylor on the trip. He earned the MW dining room 'ski tip of the day' toast with this beauty of a NoBoard run...good shit that kid.

If there was only a video guy there we'd have killed it...oh wait, CinemaSeoane was there, but he shoots stills wait, video on his still camera...
And then back to P-Town to ride with the boys....Spring is definately in the air....

It's gonna get good, really good.