January 18, 2008

deep freeze

-6F outside of my window, this is my bed, logan utah.  The cold penetrates into your soul, freezing whatever it touches.   Embedded where the snow is good, and that keeps us here for now.  At least we are out of the car, and settling into the snowboarding.  
Just down the road there is a place called the Sinks, where record temps have hit -88F in a lunar like windswept landscape.  We're not going there.

Difficult to focus that the mission here is the photography, so cold that even getting to your gear is nearly impossible.  Let alone seeing with it.  Yesterday was a struggle...our jumps got poached by some local crew, my batteries died, my sled blew up, and the cold, did I mention it was cold?
The freeruns helped.  Craig always said that if you didn't freeride, you were faking it. I think Jake would agree. Jess and I got some thanks to DCP.  
The build came next and the good days promise to come soon.