January 22, 2008


Sunrise greeted us as we ventured out of utah heading north, unsure of the route we would take, or where we were going.  The warm light faded leaving us with nothing, not that barren landscape outside offered much of a view anyways. We simply knew that North was the only direction to go. And as the ribbon of pavement under our wheels turned to sheet ice, we knew it was the adventure, not the destination, that we were after.  So after witnessing 4 high speed out of control ditch jobs, 1 rollover, 4 dirty truckstops, 15below0 temps, and 11 hours on the road, I was missing my bed in utah. 


Today was another story.  The subzero temps were still here, but a brilliant blue sky warmed our souls and brought us to the next location.  A newness to everyone in our crew, new places, new sites, and a new plan.  A place rich in history and bursting with endless possibilities of how we would interpret it with our snowboards, we laughed at our new friends and new sights.  It's gonna be a good week.