June 12, 2009

Fuel Vs. The Volcano

Tuesday night spin down to Sellwood and back...maybe it was the headwind, or perhaps the rubbing brakepad, or maybe I was just sucking...anyways, felt like the owner of this 'was sweet' Merlin XLM must feel on the daily trips to the park...longhaulin' em down to the jungle gym! Beats collecting dust in the garage I suppose.

Wed morning rain made the 1st of the Tabor Series races less than inviting...a few Chemex pots of Fuel/Alterra fresh from Milwaukee and the clearing afternoon skies changed that...kissed the bub goodnight and pedaled over to see how the scene was shaping up...8 laps for the cat 4's and we were off.

What a venue for a Wednesday night bike race...epic. Lucky to live in Portland. The SV rolled smoothly...METAL seems to be feeling better than plastic these days.
With one to go and Kic on the sidelines, the mountain biker instinct and the anxiety of waiting allowed the twitch free for a test....how bad could one lap feel anyways? Nothing compared to a night at the Beech back in Wisco or what the real men were to feel as they climbed the Geant de Provence the next day....quick look back and no one was there..so head down and drill it solo lappin' to the tape..