June 6, 2009


Quick weekend blastoff to Wisco....got the machines dialed at GARAGE864 and the new DeSalvo Ti29SS was ready to roll.
WORS XC#2-Crystal Lake Classic up in Rhinelander...an 11 mile loop of the sweetest Wisco singletrack that the preride felt that the 36x18 would feel about right...virgin lineup in the Elite field meant that the chase was sure to be fast and furious (fun as shit riding with ya James)...when the dust settled...the FUEL brothery lineup rolled home in sync...seconds apart after the 2.5 hour epic. Way too much fun...like a cagefight at a birthday party...thank god that the Blatz were flowin'...thanks Polska bros.

Beechwood Tuesday...gettin' in the thick green backwoods with the buds...3 laps to keep 'em in tune as the campfire and the homebrews keep it real.
Joe on the cam landing me on the site...nailing it home. Can hardly wait til next time...the road and the kid fill the gaps...jc